From Thousands Herbs, Only 21 Clinically Tested

Medication using herbal products are getting more popular today. However, there are not many herbal products that have been clinically tested in Indonesia. That’s why herbal treatment growth is not as strong as it should be. According to Deputy of Biological Science at Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Professor Dr. Enny Sudarmonowati, there were many […]

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White Turmeric Can Help Healing Cancer

Herbal treatment is becoming alternative treatment for many people to heal their diseases. One of favorite herbal treatments is white turmeric to help healing cancer. “White turmeric can help healing process from cancer because it contains derivative compound flavonoids and curcumin as antioxidants,” Dr Maksum Radji, MBiomed,Apt, Chairman of Research of Natural Ingredients Association when […]

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Can Herbal Medicine Cure Cancer?

People start turning to alternative medicine to treat cancer. But, is it effective? What do doctors say about this? According to dr. Elisna Syahruddin, PhD, Sp. P(K) at RS Persahabatan, Jakarta standard treatment for lung cancer are surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immuno-oncology drugs. “There are no scientific evidence yet that herbal medicine can […]

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Medicinal Plants to Treat Stomach Ulcer


There are some medicinal plants that can be used to treat stomach ulcers, among others are ginger and turmeric. Acording to Abdul Mun’im, Msi, PhD from Herbal graduate program of Pharmacy Departmen FMIPA, University of Indonesia (UI), the common herbal to cure stomach ulcer is turmeric. It is not only common to be used as […]

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Martha Tilaar Shares “The Power of Jamu”

martha tilaar

National cosmetic and jamu entrepreneur, Martha Tilaar shared her personal experiences of jamu usages. According to her, jamu beverages and recipes have changed the life qualities of her and her family. “I could give birth because drinking traditional jamu,” Martha Tilaar said during Internatioanl Symposium Traditional Complimentary and Alternative Medicine event at Hotel Shangri-La, Surabaya, […]

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Q&A: List of Important Questions about Jamu

clay pot to cook traditional medicine

There are many questions people ask about herbal medicines. We compile some important questions into one article. If you don’t find answers for your questions, then you should check FAQ Page. Which is More Effective: Fresh Herbal or Dried Herbal? Herbal medicines such as jamu have various forms. According to research done by Health of […]

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Sambiloto To Cure Diabetes


Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Jogjakarta, Indonesia has thousand researchers that have been found various innovative research and finding in health and medicine, defense and security technologies, food security, renewable energy sources, information technology and transportation management technology. One finding in health field is the usage of sambiloto (andrographis paniculata) as herbal medicine for diabetes. According […]

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8 Tips to Consume Herbal Medicines Safely

homemade turmeric mask recipes

Traditional medicines based on medicinal plants have been known for ages and have been a part of Indonesia culture. Indonesia is well known as a country that has many medicinal plants, even it is the third country in the world that has the highest plant diversity. To increase the consumption of herbal medicine, Deputy of […]

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