Kemiri Oil Can Thicken Your Hair

Kemiri (Aleurites moluccanus) is also known as Indian Walnut, candlenut, candleberry. Its oil has been being used as beauty product for hair and scalp. Now, there are many hair treatment brands using kemiri oil as their basic ingredients. The question is does kemiri oil really work? Actually, kemiri oil has been being used to treat […]

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Grow Your Hair With Natrol Biotin 10,000 mcg

Natrol Biotin, one of bestseller herbal supplement, offers 10.000 mcg of Biotin. You might ask what biotin is and what the benefits it offers. Biotin is soluble vitamin B and a coenzyme. Apparently it is also called vitamin H. This vitamin has an important key role in the body. It maintains the health of skin, […]

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Ginger to Treat Broken Hair

ginger tea as home remedy for stress

Besides Aloe Vera and coconut, we can use ginger (zingiber officinale) to treat our hair health. The plant has various nutrition. There are vitamin A, E and B as well as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc that helps hair grow strong, healthy and shiny. Besides that, the nutrition also can maintain scalp health, prevent […]

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Chocolate to Treat Grey Hair

chocolate, grey hair treatment

Ricahrdo Vila Nova from Urban Retreat in Harrods explained that there are many foods that help maintain hair health so it won’t be grey. For example, we can consume chocolate to prevent grey hair. Chocolate is well known as a food that can improve melanin production in hair and skin. So, we can consume it […]

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Carrot as Home Remedy for Hair Growth

carrot juice

Carrot is well known as a useful vegetable for our eyes health. Besides that, vitamin A in carrot apparently is also useful to maintain hair health and to grow it. In this vegetable, there are high beta-carotene. Darker its color, more its beta-carotene composition. A nutritionist, Tri Hartono explained that in every 100 gram of […]

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