Homemade Jasmine Facial Mask

Besides it has fragrance aroma and gives relaxation effect to our body, jasmine apparently also has various benefits for our beauties. No wonder if there are many beauty products that use jasmine as their basic ingredient. We can make our own beauty product from jasmine for instance facial mask. Its benefit is to make our […]

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Health Benefits of Cashews


Cashews are not only delicious to eat as snacks. It is also safe to eat since it contains monounsaturated fat. In body, monounsaturated fat can be processed as saturated fat; helps reduce total cholesterol level and bad cholesterol level (LDL). One ounce cashews provide 20 percent of suggested daily fat. Cashews also rich of iron, […]

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Health Benefits of Pomegranate

health benefits of pomegranate

Pomegranate or punica granatum is fruit that can grow 5 to 8 meters. Pomegranate has round shape with red seeds that contain antioxidant and nutrition to battle free radical. There are three types of pomegranates: white pomegranate, red pomegranate and purple one. There are various health benefits of pomegranate, for instance its antioxidant can help […]

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Mangosteen, a Natural Antioxidant from Indonesia

benefits of mangosteen

If durian is often to be called “King of Fruits,” then mangosteen is called “Queen of Fruits”. The weird thing is this fruit is less famous than mango, durian or other tropical fruits. There must be a reason why this fruit is called Queen of Fruits. This fruit, which grows in subtropical climate, riches of […]

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Carrot as Home Remedy for Hair Growth

carrot juice

Carrot is well known as a useful vegetable for our eyes health. Besides that, vitamin A in carrot apparently is also useful to maintain hair health and to grow it. In this vegetable, there are high beta-carotene. Darker its color, more its beta-carotene composition. A nutritionist, Tri Hartono explained that in every 100 gram of […]

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