Jamu Sinom To Treat Constipation

tamarind homemade mask

Jamu Sinom is Javanese traditional beverage that has been available since the era of Javanese kingdoms. This beverage is made from water, Tamarind and young Tamarind leaves, palm sugar and turmeric. This jamu has a dark yellow color and can be preserved for 7 days without using any artificial preservatives. You can add ice cube […]

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Health Benefits of Jamu Cabe Puyang

javanese chili, jamu chili, cabe jamu

There are various jamu recipes in Indonesia and one of them is jamu cabe puyang (cabe= Piper retrofractum, puyang= zingiber zerumbet). So, what are the health benefits of this jamu recipe? This jamu has been known as the effective home remedy to treat fatigue and soreness especially in the waist area. Besides that, people believe […]

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Cassava is Effective To Treat These 6 Diseases

tapioca, natural treatments

Cassava (tapioca) is a popular rhizome plant in Indonesia, especially as a staple food in several areas in Indonesia. They usually consume the rhizome and leaves as foods. Apparently, cassava is also useful to cure diseases. It has several health benefits such as antioxidant, anti cancer, anti-tumor and can increase appetite. There are at least […]

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