Can Pasak Bumi (Longjack/Eurycoma longifolia) Improve Men’s Libido?

Certain herbs are considered useful to improve men’s libido. In Indonesia, there are purwaceng (Pimpinella pruatjan) and pasak bumi (longjack/Euricoma longifolia). Is it true that these herbs are useful to improve men’s libido? Herbalist, dr Abrijanto SB, MSi said that several literature mentioned that longjack or pasak bumi had Aphrodisiac properties. This herb has ability […]

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Martha Tilaar Shares “The Power of Jamu”

martha tilaar

National cosmetic and jamu entrepreneur, Martha Tilaar shared her personal experiences of jamu usages. According to her, jamu beverages and recipes have changed the life qualities of her and her family. “I could give birth because drinking traditional jamu,” Martha Tilaar said during Internatioanl Symposium Traditional Complimentary and Alternative Medicine event at Hotel Shangri-La, Surabaya, […]

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