How to Make Mangosteen Tea

benefits of mangosteen

Mangosteen is a medicinal plant that is planted in tropical areas. It has purple color or brown and green leaves. Mangosteen is covered with skin that looks like a tight shell that protects its white meat. In one fruit, there are at least five to seven meats, which each looks like semicircle. We can enjoy […]

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7 Health Benefits of Meniran (Phylanthus urinaria, Linn)


Meniran ( Phylanthus urinaria, Linn) is scientifically effective to improve body immune system and heals hepatitis, respiratory disorders, diabetes mellitus, jaundice and diarrhea. Dr. Setiawan Dalimartha, Vice Chairman of Association of Indonesian Doctors Developers Eastern Traditional Health (Perhimpunan Dokter Indonesia Pengembang Kesehatan Tradisional Timur/ PDPKT) said that we can use meniran fresh or dried as […]

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