Korean Celebrities Shared Their Diet Menu

If you are K-Popers, then you must be familiar with names like Soyou, Park Shin Hye, Seol Hyun, Kang Sora, IU dan Suzy. Not only they are pretty, but they also have slim bodies, which are ideal combinations. To get the ideal body shapes, they maintain their diet. Kompas.com recently share these Korean celebrities diet […]

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With Lemon and Infused Water, Rini Lost 18 Kg

lemon infused water for diet

At 36 year old, Rini Stefany (36) realized that she should maintain her health to avoid sickness. Moreover, she gained her weight after giving birth her second kid. Her weight was 85 kg. She finally tried to take care of her own children as a form of physical activity. In that way, she could exercise […]

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With Honey and Cinammon, Erni Lost 15 Kg


At 23 years old, Erni Mulyani confessed that she liked traveling and took selfies. But, these past years, she saw on her selfies that she gained weights. Felt embarrassed, she decided to diet with some unique recipes. Erni used natural ingredients such as cinnamon and honey to lose her weights. She managed to reduce her […]

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