Can Coconut Water Heal Measles?

There are several ways Indonesian parents do when their kids get measles. One of them is giving their kids coconut water to drink. Most parents believe that drinking green coconut water can eradicate red rash and accelerate the healing process. Is it true? dr. Meta Hanindita, SpA said that there was no scientific link that […]

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Home Remedy for Food Poisoning


Food poisoning happens when we were not careful and ate foods that were not clean enough or poisonous. Here are some natural remedies to cure food poisoning because of certain foods such as shrimps, mushroom, fish, casava, drinks, etc. Natural Remedies for Food Poisoning First -Drink a lot of coconut water. This fluid is very […]

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Home Remedy for Mouth Ulcer

mouth ulcer

Mouth ulcer or stomatitis is inflammation that is attacking mouth especially on mouth cavity, lips, gum or even palate. Even though it is not a dangerous disease, but its presence often disturbing our appetite and our comfort when we are eating. So, what are the home remedy for mouth ulcer? Well, you can try these […]

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