5 Health Benefits of Mung Beans Porridge For Your Kids

In Indonesia, every time children get immunization shots at health centers, paramedics always provide mung bean porridge. Most people only think that the porridge only to fill the stomachs. But, apparently, it is not the only reason. There are several benefits of mung beans for health, especially for kids. 1. Highly nutritional and good for […]

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Honey is effective to cure cough in children


Consume a tablespoon of honey before sleeping reportedly is effective to cure cough in children. Not only that, it makes children sleep more soundly. Honey as home remedy for coughing apparently is not a myth. Two research from World Health Organization (WHO) and American Academy of Pediatrics recommended honey to cure cough. There was other […]

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Is Traditional Medicine Safe for Kids?

traditional jamu-indonesian traditional medicine

Apparently, there are mothers who rely on natural medicines or herb medicines to cure their children’s sicknesses, especially light diseases such as cough, flu, fever or catch a cold. Traditional medicines are made based on experiences and they are passed down from generation to another generation. So, some remedies have been proven clinically, but some […]

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