Herbal Medicines Can Make Body Immune To Germs

clay pot to cook traditional medicine

Indonesia was a country that had the biggest medicinal plants in the world. There were 40,000 medicinal plant species in the world. Around 30,000 species were found in Indonesia. But, there were only 200 medicinal plant species that were used as traditional medicines. Director of Indonesia’s Traditional Health Services, Ina Rosalina said that traditional herbal […]

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Can Coconut Water Heal Measles?

There are several ways Indonesian parents do when their kids get measles. One of them is giving their kids coconut water to drink. Most parents believe that drinking green coconut water can eradicate red rash and accelerate the healing process. Is it true? dr. Meta Hanindita, SpA said that there was no scientific link that […]

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Health Benefits of Young Papaya


Papaya, the orange fruit is rich in vitamin and can help our digestions. This fruit is also helpful for women to maintain their beauties. Apparently, it’s not only ripe papaya that is useful, but young papaya is also helpful for our health. Here are some health benefits of young papaya: 1. Maintain digestion Young papaya […]

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Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves

soursop home remedy

Soursop leaves apparently have various benefits for our health that it is used for herbal medicine and to maintain health. These leaves contain various active substances such as are acetogenins, annocatacin, annocatalin, annohexocin, annonacin, annomuricin, anomurine, anonol, caclourine, gentisic acid, gigantetronin, linoleic acid and muricapentocin. These substances have various benefits for body. They can be […]

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10 Mango Health Benefits

benefits of mango

Not only delicious to eat, mango is also healthy. A cup of mango juice contain 105 % calorie, 76 % vitamin C, 25 % vitamin A, 11% vitamin B6, 9% probiotic fiber, 9% copper, 7 & potassium and 4% magnesium. Here, ten health benefits of the tropical food with orange flesh, as quoted from realfoodforlife: […]

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