Lack of Research, Jamu Recipes Have Problem With Dosages

Besides as traditional drink, jamu is also considered herbal medicine to maintain health. There are various jamu beverages such as beras kencur, kunyit asam, temulawak, pahitan, cabe puyang, uyup-uyup and more. They are made from various spices and roots such as turmeric, ginger, tamarind, betel leaves, pahitan and palm sugar. All of those ingredients are […]

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Roemah Djamoe, Modern Jamu Depot

National jamu producer,¬† Jamu Jago made a breakthrough by making jamu depot in a mall. In Solo City, the depot is called Roemah Djamoe and can be found in Carrefour Solo Paragon Mall. General director of Jamu Jago, Ivana Suprana said that Roemah Djamoe was indeed the newest breakthrough from Jamu Jago. It was different […]

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How to Make Parem Beras Kencur

home remedy, beras kencur

The word parem usually refers to a paste or pulp that is applied on parts of body that are hurt, sore or require treatment. So, parem is traditional paste medicine for external use. Parem Beras Kencur (Beras= rice, kencur= aromatic ginger, Kaempferia galanga) like its name is made from rice and aromatic ginger as main […]

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Don’t Insert Jamu to Your Femininity

Katuk leaves

After childbirth, mothers usually use jamu as parem (a pulp that is applied on skin). Whether it is applied in stomach or forehead. For instance, they make parem from rice and aromatic ginger (Kaempferia galanga) or beras kencur to treat fatigue and sores. The active substances in beras kencur will sink in skin, penetrate and […]

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Jamu Ice-Cream, A Fun Way to Enjoy Traditional Medicine

jamu ice cream

Jamu, as Indonesian traditional medicine, has various benefits especially for children. But, most Jamu recipes have bitter tastes that make children don’t want to consume them. But, now there is a new innovation to popularize this home remedy, which is jamu ice-cream. Ice-cream that is made using natural herbal and with the same health benefits. […]

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What is Indonesian Traditional Medicine?

clay pot to cook traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is medicine made from natural ingredients such as plants, parts of animals, minerals or combinations of these ingredients that are being processed traditionally. Indonesian traditional medicine has been used for generations for medical purposes. Types of Indonesian Traditional Medicines According to Dr. Abidinsyah Siregar, DHSM, M.Kes, Director of Bina Pelayanan Kesehatan Traditional, Alternatif […]

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