Get These 4 Supplements with 40-50 % Discounts

bull nox andro rush

Maintain our healths don’t have to expensive, if we know how to get the best products at low prices. Recently I found several interesting supplements when I visited Amazon. I found 4 supplements that offer 40-50 percent discounts. Each has rating 4,5 stars of 5 and more than 100 reviews. 1.Paradise Herbs Orac Energy Powder, […]

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Which is Healthier, Matcha or Regular Green Tea?


Matcha is made from camilia sinesis leaves, and popular as the healthiest beverage in the world. It has high antioxidant and vitamin, but it doesn’t add calories. Between regular green tea and matcha, which is healthier? Even though they are made from the same plant, but they come from different parts of the plant. The […]

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Mangosteen, Rosie Huntington and Miranda Kerr New Beauty Secret

Rosie Huntington

Beautiful and attractive appearances are not something that we can get instantly. Even beautiful models like Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington do various things to maintain their beauties and fitness from doing workout to consume healthy foods. For healthy foods, the Victoria’s Secret models consume mangosteen, black rice and kohlrabi. Mangosteen is fruit that commonly […]

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Beauty Benefits of Turmeric


Turmeric is useful not only as spice, but it also has many health and beauty benefits. And, because of that, turmeric has been used since the ancient times. Turmeric can be used as cheap and natural alternative beauty treatment. So, what are the beauty benefits of turmeric? 1. Reduce skin pigmentation Its vitamin C content […]

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Apple Can Reduce High Blood Pressure

apple home remedy for hypertension

Eating an Apple a day without peeling its skin can prevent high blood pressure. Canadians researchers found that Apple is a food that more effective to cure diseases than any other super foods. In fact, it is more effective than green tea or blueberry as a source of antioxidant and contains flavonoid, a compound that […]

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Health Benefits of Pomegranate

health benefits of pomegranate

Pomegranate or punica granatum is fruit that can grow 5 to 8 meters. Pomegranate has round shape with red seeds that contain antioxidant and nutrition to battle free radical. There are three types of pomegranates: white pomegranate, red pomegranate and purple one. There are various health benefits of pomegranate, for instance its antioxidant can help […]

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Mangosteen, a Natural Antioxidant from Indonesia

benefits of mangosteen

If durian is often to be called “King of Fruits,” then mangosteen is called “Queen of Fruits”. The weird thing is this fruit is less famous than mango, durian or other tropical fruits. There must be a reason why this fruit is called Queen of Fruits. This fruit, which grows in subtropical climate, riches of […]

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