The Benefits of Noni For Skin Beauty

In Indonesia, mengkudu (noni) fruit is well known for it smells bad. However, there have been many research about the benefits of this fruit. Noni has many vitamin and minerals that are important for health as well as skin beauty. For example, Selenium in this fruit, which is a great antioxidant. Selenium can soften skin […]

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Banana Peel To Treat Acne

A clean and smooth face is something that all women want to have. But, the reality is some of us struggling to have that. Some have a problem with a dull face, other with oily face or acne. Of course we need to treat acne immediately before it’s getting worse. If you like to eat […]

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Health Benefits of Mangosteen

benefits of mangosteen

What is Mangosteen? Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is originally come from Indonesia. This fruit, which has scientific name Garcinia Mangostana, was planted for the first time in Thailand and Burma. For hundred years herbal medicine experts in Asia have been using and believing in mangosteen health benefits to treat various diseases. This fruit […]

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