STMJ Beverage and Its Health Benefits


There are many traditional beverages consumed by Indonesians. One of them is a beverage called STMJ. It’s abbreviation of susu (milk), telur (egg), madu (honey), and jahe (ginger). The drink is made of milk that is mixed with egg, honey and ginger. This drink is considereda beverage that has various benefits for Indonesians.

Indonesians believe that STMJ improves vitality and stamina. Herbal health expert from FMIPA UI (Natural Science Department) UI (University of Indonesia), Abdul Mun’im, Msi, PhD, said that the benefits were coming from STMJ.

Abdul said that STMJ was not jamu beverage, but a food. Its ingredients have the same nutritional values with regular foods.

“The food contains protein from egg, calcium from milk, vitamin from honey and vitality from ginger. So that, it has connotation with tonic because it has those nutrition (protein, calcium, vitamin and vitality benefit),” Abdul said to detikHealth.

And because it has complete nutrition contents, no wonder if STMJ consumption can improve stamina just as Abdul said.


Moreover, it has delicious taste, so people like to consume it every day. So, will it be dangerous if STMJ is consumed every day?

Abdul firmly said no. STMJ actually is just a regular food in a liquid form, so it is not dangerous for health if it is consumed every day.

“There is no side-effect because it’s just a regular food and drink,” Abdul explained.

How to make STMJ


1 glass of milk

1 egg yolk

5 tablespoons of pure honey

1 thumb of ginger, crushed and roasted

1 clove

2 cardamoms


  1. Mix and boil milk, ginger, clove and cardamoms.

  2. Mix the yolk and honey

  3. Mix the all the ingredients together

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