Step-by-Step to Use Asian Body Scrub, Lulur

homemade body scrub

When we want to use lulur, Indonesian body scrub, we need to understand that there are right ways to do that. Especially if you have a sensitive skin. If we scrub our body too hard, the coarse grains can scratch and cause irritation.

Follow these step-by-step:

1. Take a shower with soap. It is better if you use antiseptic soap, so the bacteria will die and dirt as well as sweat on skin will be gone. And, all ingredients on lulur can be applied on skin maximum and can be absorbed better.

2. Pat your body with towel, so your body moistens. Then, apply lulur evenly to all areas of body, even on body folds such as back of the neck, arms, thighs and knees. Scrub it slowly while you’re doing light massage to improve blood circulation. For rough area such as heel of foot, you can use rough spoon or pumice stone.

homemade body scrub

3. After lulur is dried, clean all scrub’s remainders with your hands first. And, then wash your body with water and use beauty soap that is suitable with your skin type.

4. Dry your body with soft towel then applies moisturizer or body lotion evenly to your body.

Apparently, lulur as body scrub is difference with lulur for body mask. Body scrub feels rough and has a function to exfoliate dead skin cells. While body mask has a function to nourish body with its active ingredients such as milk, chocolate or sea weeds. Besides that, the way we use each of them is difference. For body scrub, we should use it by scrubbing it slowly on skin. While for body mask, you only should apply it and wait it dries.

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