Soursop Leaves Are Useful to Treat Diabetes

soursop home remedy

Soursop leaves are popular as natural remedies for various diseases, one of them is diabetes. Soursop leaves are known as well as Graviola leaves or Annona muricata.

There were research about the benefits of Graviola leaves to treat diabetes. For instance, research in 2008 mentioned that soursop’s roots, skins, and leaves had anti-diabetic properties. Its barks had antihypertensive property, a vasodilator (widen the blood vessels), antispasmodic (relaxed the smooth muscles) and slowed down heartbeats in mice.

And then, in 2007 there was research about the benefits of soursop leaves to treat diabetes. Researchers observed glucose levels in mice with diabetes. Then, they used Graviola extract to treat the mice.

According to Okezone, the result showed that Graviola extract and soursop root extract could reduce glucose levels in the long run. So, how did it work? Graviola extract contained polyphenols and flavonoids, which had antihyperglycemic properties. They could prevent alpha-glucosidase enzyme formation in intestines.

And because of that, they could slow down polysaccharide breakdown rates (a type of sugar in foods) to be simple sugar. It gave more times to pancreas beta cells to produce enough insulin.

Of course, we need more research about this subject. Especially to test its effectiveness in human bodies, not animals.

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