Side-effects of Soursop Leaves

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Soursop fruit rich in fiber and is very good to prevent and treat hemorrhoid. While its leaves apparently have different health benefits. The active substances in soursop leaves are effective to kill cancer cells and soursop leaves also have high anti-bacterial contents. However, there is a side-effect, if people consume soursop leaves tea too much, it can kill good bacteria as well.

There are other side-effects of soursop leaves:

1. For people with cancer or tumor, they can suffer diarrhea, excessive sweating, fever, chills, joint pain, constipation, stomachache and you feel your back hot.

2. People who have benign tumor in breasts can suffer diarrhea that can weaken body.

3. On people with brain cancer, you can suffer seizure and excessive sweating on head and cervix areas. This happens when the contents in soursop leaves attack the cancer cells in brain.

These side-effects can be prevented if people boil the soursop leaves and don’t eat them directly. Warm water can dissolve latex in soursop leaves, which is the main cause of side-effects such as diarrhea and seizures.


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