Side-Effects and Dangers of Ratus Spa

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Ratus is traditional treatment for female sex organs. Ratus is believed can heal various vaginal diseases, tighten vagina as well improve women fertility. To do this treatment, you will be asked to sit on a special chair. There is a hole in the center of the chair. Ratus potion is boiled and is put on a special container. The container is placed under the chair. The vapor will enter the hole and reach the vagina.

Ratus potion is made from natural ingredients such as sappan wood, turmeric, roses, temulawak, nutmeg, and vetiver. Some beauty shop offer ratus treatment with modern treatment like infrared lightning directly to miss V.

The side-effects

According to, the benefits of ratus has not been scientifically proven. Some health experts even agreed that fogging miss V could trigger some side-effects.

1. Make miss V skin blister

According to Mary Jane Minkin, M.D, obstetrics and gynecology lecturer at Yale School of Medicine, hot temperature from ratus potions could make vagina blister. The vagina could even suffer second-degree burns. Besides that, Miss V was parallel to bladder and anus. If the vapor of ratus was too hot, it could break skin tissues in those areas. Ratus’ vapor could also make vagina itchy and uncomfortable.

2. Disturb good bacteria

Ratus could also make miss V dried and disturbed the balance of good bacteria. The good bacteria were there to prevent foreign particles to enter and reached the inner organ. Dried vagina that was fogged was vulnerable to injury and irritation.

3. Disturb hormone balance

Ratus was believed to maintain women hormonal balance. But, it was not true. Women hormones were produced by pituitary gland in the brains and ovaries. They were not produced in vagina or womb.

4. Increase bad bacteria growth

According to research published on National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI) journal, ratus could create vaginal flora imbalance. Vaginal flora or vaginal microbiota are the microorganisms that colonize the vagina. The imbalance could increase the risk of bacterial vaginosis, a type of vaginal inflammation caused by the overgrowth of bacteria naturally found in the vagina, which upsets the natural balance.

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