Side-Effect of Rosella Tea


Maybe you are familiar with Rosella tea. The tea is spread widely to tropical and subtropical countries and people can easily get Rosella tea in various places around the world. It is usually planted as a fiber plant or a vegetable. The tea is made from red flower Rosella, and is believed to improve stamina. Besides that, Rosella tea is used by women to aid their diet programs since it can help reduce weights. This tea is also useful to refine skin and reduces wrinkles.

But, apparently it also has side-effects. So, is it dangerous to consume Rosella tea?

Roselle flowers.

There were reports that people who drank the tea could suffer stomachache, nausea, dizziness, sleepy, cold sweat and even diarrhea. These symptoms apparently are natural for people who consume herbal medicines and the effect is called as DOC (direction of cure) effect. A reaction that shows that there is natural cleansing process to remove toxins from body. Besides that, DOC reactions are just temporary.

After we drink Rosella tea, we might feel stomachache, nausea and diarrhea. But those are the symptoms that the toxins in our bodies are being removed. Vitamin C content in Rosella tea can cause chelation process that is a form of complementary therapy involving the intravenous infusion of substances intended to remove calcium from hardened arteries.


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