Senna Leaves Tea and Jump Rope Made Helmi Lost 48 Kg

Entering college can be a right moment to start new things. That what Helmi Fauzan (21) did when he entered college, he started to diet. The young man of 172 cm and weight 130 kg was trying to lose his weights.

To detikHealth, he shared his diet experience that lasted for 6 months.

I started to diet when I graduated from high school and when I was about entering the college. There were holidays before I entered the university, so I took the times to diet. At the beginning, I tried to find information about diet on the internet. I started my diet by drinking traditional medicine, senna leaves tea.

Senna leaves (
Senna leaves (

The first time I drank the tea, I defecated often. The feces came out with the fats that were stored in my body. I drank the tea twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon.

My menu for breakfast was brown rice, stir-fry vegetables, and boneless and skinless chicken. Then, I ate apple and papaya in 3:00 pm. I also exercised regularly in the morning for 30 minutes, jumped rope 200 times and sit-up 200-250 times. I started to feel significant changes after one month, in which I lost 10 kg. After three months I lost 30 kg.

When the college was started, I stopped to consume senna leaves tea because it would trouble me if I defecated often during my college. But, I was still not satisfied with my result, so I decided to continue my diet. I reduced my carbohydrate intakes and exercised regularly. In the next three months, I lost almost 20 kg of my body weights.

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