Sarabba, South Sulawesi Beverage to Improve Stamina

sarabba, traditional beverage

Sarabba is traditional beverage that is different from ginger beverages that commonly found in Central Java. In Sarabba, there are some ingredients such as pepper, palm sugar and coconut milk that make this beverage thicker and more tasty than regular ginger drink. This traditional beverage can be enjoyed when someone has flu or catches a cold and also to improve his stamina.
In South Sulawesi, Indonesia, Sarabba is traditional beverage from Bugis Makassar. Besides it is suitable to drink in cold weather or rainy weather, this beverage has various health benefits among others are to improve stamina, and to fight cold and flu.
One of its main ingredients is ginger (Zingiber oficinale). Its benefits are as carminative to treat flatulence, anti-nausea, anti-vomiting, seizure reliever, anti-inflammation, anti-microbe, anti-rheumatic, anti-parasite. It is also useful to treat stomach ulcer, as detoxification and to reduce stress.


sarabba, traditional beverage

How to make Sarabba:


2 liters of coconut milk
300 gr of palm sugar
150 gram ginger
2 leaves of pandan leaves
ΒΌ teaspoon of salt
You can add milk, and pepper if you like.


1. Boil coconut milk, ginger and palm sugar.
2. Add pandan leaves and stir it until the sugar melt.
3. Serve it hot.
4. You add a bit of milk and pepper as well as raw yolk if you want.

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