Sanrego, Jamu for Men’s Sexual Performance from Mamiri


Jamu or herbal has been used for long times by Indonesian ancestors. One of the most wanted jamu is natural tonic for men’s sexual performance. In Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, this herbal that can improve men’s sexual performance is called sanrego.

Sanrego is a plant that has Latin name Lunasia Amara. This plant is commonly found in eastern side of Indonesia. And, they can grow very well in Sanrego Village, Kahu district, Bone, South Sulawesi.

People in that area use the woods from the plant to improve their sexual performances. Reportedly, it has similar benefits with tongkat ali or purwaceng in Java, Indonesia.


“Empirically, local society indeed has various plants that can be used for that (sexual performance). So, it is local wisdom that they promote,” Dr. Anna Khuzaimah, Chief of Balai Kesehatan Tradisional Masyarakat (BKTM) /Society Traditional Health Center, Makassar.

In an exhibition that was held in Hotel Grand Clarion, Makkasar, Wednesday (17/4/2013), dr. Anna explained that so far, there were no clinical research for sanrego.

According to dr. Anna, BKTM would inventory some research about this herbal to review the scientific proofs. If they have reached the safety and benefit points, then they can recommend using this jamu.

“We cannot recommend because it should have a permit from BPOM (Indonesia FDA) and the evidence base should be clear related to its medical benefits,” she explained as quoted from Detik News.

However, dr. Anna said she never got any complaint from society related with sanrego usage. BKTM planned to interview people who were used to consume sanrego to know the benefits and side-effects.

“In other areas, it has different names. However, the usage is the same. So, there are many people use this herbal. Of course we should protect them for their safety,” dr. Anna said.

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