Roemah Djamoe, Modern Jamu Depot

National jamu producer,  Jamu Jago made a breakthrough by making jamu depot in a mall. In Solo City, the depot is called Roemah Djamoe and can be found in Carrefour Solo Paragon Mall.

General director of Jamu Jago, Ivana Suprana said that Roemah Djamoe was indeed the newest breakthrough from Jamu Jago. It was different with other depot, Roemah Djamoe featured steeped jamu concept in modern version and more hygienic.

“Why we made Roemah Djamoe in a mall because the purpose is to touch every party. Both younger generation that is not familiar with jamu and older generation that used to drink it, but having difficulty in finding the place,” she said during the launching as quoted by Solo Blitz.

She added that with Roemah Djamoe, she hoped that customers would find hygienic and high quality steeped jamu easier. Moreover, it has various jamu variant such as beras bencur, kunir asem, ginger and temulawak. There are also preventive jamu such as pegal linu (jamu for ache), masuk angin (to cure cold), sehat wanita (for women), galian singset (for women) and jamu for therapy for diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and uric acid.

“It’s just that what we provide here are steeping jamu. If there are customers who want to add eggs, we also can provide them. And, all Jamu beverages that we provide here are fresh,” Ivana said.

Roemah Djamoe in Carrefour Solo Paragon Mall itself, said Ivana was the third after the other two in Semarang. And, they planned to add more in Surabaya, Jakarta and Jogjakarta.

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