Rice Husk Face Mask To Combat Acne

Nowadays there are many beauty products that use activated charcoal as one of their ingredients. Inspired by that, two college students at ITS (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology) created rice husk face mask. Rice husk also contained activated carbon.

They called this face mask as Malami. Thanks to Malami, both of students, Siti Muzaimatul Mamnu’ah and Movilicia Wahyu Mustikasari graduated with diploma degree from Industrial Chemical Engineering Department, Vocational Degree.

Actually, activated charcoal could be made from almost all organic materials. However, Siti and Movi chose rice husk as the main ingredient.

“It is affordable and is available in abundance in Indonesia,” Movi said in press release received by detik.com, Thursday (14/3/2019).

Movie said that activated charcoal from rice husk used to make the face mask. The activated charcoal could absorb heavy metal, gas and other toxic chemicals. “Besides that, activated carbon can also absorb bacteria,” she said.

To differentiate Malami from other activated charcoal face mask, Movi added noni extract and honey to the face mask. She claimed that Malami could maintain skin health as well as removed blackheads and acne without damaging skin pigment and skin moisture.

Noni extract contained phytochemical and vitamin C that acted as antioxidants. “Noni has high antioxidant level that can prevent skin damage due to the sun exposure,” Movi explained.

To mask strong scent from noni extract, Movi and her partner added honey. Besides that, honey could act as anti-bacterial. “Honey in the face mask is also useful for maintaining product durability,” she added.

The face mask underwent a series of test, among other were tests to know its pH level, heavy metal level as well as microbial contents. “The results showed that this product has fulfilled Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) [Indonesia’s National Standards] in those three parameters,” Movi said.

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