Rice Facial Mask, The Most Common Facial Mask in Indonesia

Indonesian women have their own traditional beauty treatments. These treatments have been becoming parts of traditional cultures, pass down from generation to generation. Interestingly, even though Indonesia consists of thousand Islands, but the women like to use the same ingredient for their facial masks: rice. Facial mask is one of the basic beauty treatments for Indonesian women. They use it to maintain beauties naturally.

Javanese women like to use cold powder made from rice powder to smooth and cool down their facial skins. This cold powder are shaped as tiny balls. Whenever they want to use them, they only need to add water.

Besides that, Javanese women like to use combination of rice and kencur (Kaempferia galanga) or aromatic ginger. This combination is often called beras kencur. Beras kencur is mostly used to warm body and reduce aches.
While Sundanese women use facial mask that is called saripohatji, Kompas.com wrote. This facial mask is made from rice powder. They also use various plants as ingredients for facial masks. The purpose is to smooth and whiten faces, as well as to treat acne.

Women in Borneo also use cold powder. They call it berastagi, which is made from rice powder that is mixed with basil seeds. Since Indonesian women live below the line of the equator, they need something as sunblock. Ancient Indonesian women used this cold powder as natural sunscreen.

Bajo tribe in Sulawesi also has traditional facial mask, which is also made from rice powder. Like women in Borneo, they use the powder as natural sunblock. This traditional facial mask is also a symbol of beauty. Interestingly, men from Bajo tribe are also using it and the powder becomes the symbol of handsomeness.

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