Research Found That Bitter Melon Can Reduce Blood Sugar Level

Pare or bitter melon (Momordica charantia) apparently can reduce blood sugar level in body. This fruit can support synthetic drugs made from active ingredients such as metformin and pioglitazone. So, this fruit is suitable for people with diabetes.

Two college students at Pharmacy Department at the Catholic University Widya Mandala Surabaya, Felicia Tjokroaminjaya and Adytya Dewanti tried to use pare to treat diabetes. They turned bitter melon into smoothies or pulp.

They called it fruit pulp pare. Bitter melon has many varieties. So, the students decided to research on pare ayam (chicken pare). This is because pare ayam rich in Carnitine. The research was supervised by Farida Lanawati Darsono M.Sc and drs. Didik Hasmono MS., Apt.Felicia.

According to the research, consuming the fruit pulp could reduce blood sugar level. However, it didn’t mean that we should reduce diabetes medication. Pare fruit pulp only acted as supplement. Its consumption was adjusted with the blood sugar level in patients.

“When the blood sugar level has been being reduced, then the consumption/ dosage of pare fruit pulp is reduced as well. That’s why we need to check our blood sugar level regularly and consult a doctor,” Farida said as quoted by

To prepare this fruit pulp is easy. First, choose young green bitter melon (15-20 days). The right length of the fruit is around a cubit. Don’t choose the ones with yellow or brown colors. Wash clean the bitter melon fruits. Chop the fruits and put them into blender until they become fruit pulp. After that, you can consume the pulp.

If the blood sugar level is high, you can consume a half of a bitter melon. If the blood sugar level is down, then you can consume a quarter of a bitter melon. You don’t have to consume the pulp/ smoothies every day. The pulp can help optimizing the performance of the synthetic drugs to reduce blood sugar level.

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