Regularly Drink Teak Leaf Tea, Rynda Lost 19 Kg


Like most women, Rynda Novitasari (27) wanted to have her normal weight back. Her weight had been up and down since she gave birth. So, how did she manage to lose her weight?

Rynda shared her experience to lose her weight. She succeeded in losing her weight from 72 kg (158 pounds) to 53 kg (116.8 pounds) in a year. Here, Rynda shared her story as quoted from detikHealth:

My diet story began when I was pregnant. My weight was up and down until it reached 72 kg (158 pounds). At that time, many friends told me that I would keep gaining weight until I gave birth. After I heard that, I became obsessed to improve my diet so my weight could go back to normal. I could lose my weight to 68 kg.

Rynda (detikHealth).

But, I was still not satisfied, I even stressed out because I wanted to slim fast. Then, I tried various ways to reduce my weight. I started to eat boiled foods, and worked out, but it didn’t work. After that, I started to drink teak leaf tea regularly in the morning and in the afternoon. I limited how much I ate rice as well. I reduced my hobby to snacking and tried to have regular sleep times. In the end, I lost my weight from 68 kg to 53 kg in 12 months. My size was XL and now it’s M. My body is back like when before I was pregnant and many friends praised me.

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