Pregnant Mothers and Babies are Safe to Drink Jamu If…

javanese chili, jamu chili, cabe jamu

Jamu is continuum of care. That is what traditional medicine experts say. The term means that jamu as good health beverage for human can be drunk at any age. However, there are several things that we should know to gain the maximum benefits of consuming jamu. For instance, we should know the proper age, health condition, etc to drink this beverage.

“Since babies in the wombs, until they become old, there are jamu recipes for each stage of life to protect health. But, for babies, it is better to wait until the nursing period is over. Well, around six months or older,” dr Aldrin Nelwan, Sp. Ak., MARS., M.Kes., M. Biomed, traditional medicines expert from Cancer Hospital Darmais, Jakarta, said as quoted by

javanese chili, jamu chili, cabe jamu
Cabe Puyang.

Dr. Aldrin also said that pregnant mothers are OK to drink natural jamu. However, they should really understand what kind of beverages that they consume, what the purposes are for themselves and what the effects are for themselves and their babies. Dr. Aldrin said a story in Jogjakarta. A pregnant mother diligently drank jamu cabe puyang even in her last tri semester. The result was she had difficulty in contracting when she gave birth. Apparently, according dr. Aldrin, jamu cabe puyang is useful to prevent contraction, which is better to drink in the beginning of pregnancy to reduce the risk of miscarriage.

Making and drinking jamu, added dr Aldrin, sometimes are not something easy to do. To prevent the incident above, dr Aldrin said that there is a formula that we should notice. First, the ingredients are free from toxic. Second, the ingredients are not wrong.

Third, the dosage is calculated precisely. Fourth, the usage is right. For instance, powder is for brewed, tablet is to be drunk. And the last, the timing is correct. It means you need to understand the right timing to consume jamu like the case above where jamu cabe puyang should be drunk in the beginning of pregnancy.

“Now it is dependent on the consumers of jamu, they should be critical. Don’t just consume any jamu at any times,” dr Aldrin explained.

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