Phaleria Macrocarpa Can Heal Hepatitis C

Phaleria Macrocarpa, mahkota dewa

Indonesia is well known for its natural resources. And it has been proven since the ancient times by how they produced various herbal medicines from medicinal plants to cure various diseases. One of those medicinal plants is Phaleria macrocarpa (or Mahkota Dewa means crowns of gods ).

If this plant is extracted by modern pharmaceutical process we can get powerful medicine to treat breasts cancer and other cancers as well as hepatitis C.

“In phaleria macrocarpa, there are various compounds , where each has different function. For instance, one compound can treat menstrual pain, other can treat endometriotic pain, and other can increase HDL cholesterol level. Besides that , there are compounds to treat breasts cancer and other cancer. We found one compound can cure hepatitis C and we will use it,” Dr. Raymond R. Tjandrawinata, MS, MBA, FRSC, Executive Director of DLBS, PT Dexa Medica said to

Phaleria Macrocarpa, mahkota dewa

He explained that extraction process for herbal medicine is different than extraction process of jamu. “Extraction process on jamu will take all compounds that are found in the plant, so if someone has waist pain or other pain he can drink the same jamu. While with BIOASSAY (pharmaceutical extraction process ) each compound can only be used for one indication, ” Raymond explained.

Raymond himself was really hoping that these herbal medicines that were extracted with pharmaceutical process could help Indonesians. And his hope was supported by Minister of Health of Republic of Indonesia dr. Nafsiah Mboi,Sp.A (K ), MPH.

“More herbal medicines that are using pharmaceutical extract process then drugs import will be reduced and society can consume cheaper medicines,” Nafsiah said.

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