Penelope Cruz: Breastfeeding is Addictive

penelope cruz

Spanish actress, Penelope Cruz shared her happy stories of being a mother. In her 39, the wife of Javier Bardem is blessed with two kids, Leo Encinas Cruz and Luna Encinas Cruz.

For both of her kids, Cruz confessed that she gave them breast milk. She even breastfed her first kid for 13 months. Cruz confessed that she would give breast milk to her second kid until she turns into  one year old. For Penelope, breast milk is not only the best food for babies, but she also confessed that breastfeeding makes her addicted.

It was revealed in one interview from Allure magazine in January. “Breastfeeding is addictive,” she said as quoted by Daily Mail.

“I breastfed my kid for 13 months, and I plan to do the same thing for my daughter,” she said. “It is hard when the day when you should stop arrive.”

She also said that after the birth of her first son Leo in 2011, she felt that her life was perfect. And, now after she had her second child, Luna in last June, she felt that her life was more colorful. Being a new mom also made her more famous, she said.

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