Papaya and Pregnancy: Is it Safe to Consume This Fruit for Pregnant Mother?

papaya and pregnancy

When a woman is being pregnant, she is asked not to eat just any food. Since the foods are not only for her, but also for her baby. So, how about papaya? Is it safe to consume it when a woman is pregnant?

As quoted from Boldsky, here are some facts about papaya and pregnancy:

1. Ripe papaya

Ripe papaya is rich in vitamin A and B, beta carotene, and potassium that are needed by our body. That’s why doctors suggest that pregnant women to eat ripe papaya.

According to British Journal of Nutrition research, raw papaya could be not safe for pregnancy since the pepsin content in its sap could cause contraction in womb, thus it could cause miscarriage. So, pregnant women should make sure that if they want to consume papaya, it is the ripe one.

2. Raw papaya

Raw papaya is not safe to consume during pregnancy. Besides of its pepsin content, there is also papain content that reduces fetus growth and development. In the worst case, papain stops the growth entirely and even fetus life survival. Papain weakens important membranes that affect fetus life survival.

For women who had history of abortion or premature birth because of womb contraction, papain could be very dangerous. So, avoid papaya if you ever had pregnancy problems before.

3. Natural contraception

Sap concentration in raw papaya causes womb contraction that could lead to abortion. Some women who don’t want to get pregnant could use raw papaya as natural contraception.

Young papaya sap can cause miscarriage if it is consumed in first stages of pregnancy. While for women who are entering third trimester, eating raw papaya can cause premature birth.


4. Allergy

Some women have allergy to papaya. This can be caused by papaya sap. The allergy happens because they have difficulty in digesting papaya.

Generally women who have allergy to sap also allergy to other foods that contain sap such as banana, chestnut, wheat and apple.

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