The Benefits Of Turmeric, Java Ginger And Various Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plants researcher from Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Prof Bambang Pujiasmanto revealed that medicinal plants from Indonesia have the similar benefits like modern drugs or phytopharmaca. “The benefits and safety of medicines that are made from medicinal plants have been proven by clinical trials,” Bambang said to journalists at Faculty of Agriculture, Solo, Central Java, […]

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Grow Your Hair With Natrol Biotin 10,000 mcg

Natrol Biotin, one of bestseller herbal supplement, offers 10.000 mcg of Biotin. You might ask what biotin is and what the benefits it offers. Biotin is soluble vitamin B and a coenzyme. Apparently it is also called vitamin H. This vitamin has an important key role in the body. It maintains the health of skin, […]

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Whiten Your Underarm With Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Most people are familiar with coconut. Every part of this plant, from its fruit, leaves and tree can be used. That’s why people call it as multipurpose plant. Coconut meat itself can be used to make coconut milk, coconut oil or can be processed directly into various foods. But, did you know that it can […]

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With Lemon and Infused Water, Rini Lost 18 Kg

lemon infused water for diet

At 36 year old, Rini Stefany (36) realized that she should maintain her health to avoid sickness. Moreover, she gained her weight after giving birth her second kid. Her weight was 85 kg. She finally tried to take care of her own children as a form of physical activity. In that way, she could exercise […]

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4 Health Benefits of Pineapple


There is a myth that eating a lot of pineapples can cause miscarriage. Aside from the myth, pineapples actually give a lot of health benefits especially to treat some diseases. As quoted from, besides to reduce high blood pressure, pineapples can treat some health problems: 1. Strengthen bones Pineapple juice is very good for […]

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