Noni Juice is Miranda Kerr’s beauty secret

Miranda Kerr is well known with her healthy and flawless skin. Apparently, she maintains her beauty by drinking noni juice (mengkudu/Morinda citrifolia) since she was a teenager.

Miranda always buys a juice named Tahitian Noni. This juice, which is sold for US $ 38, has noni and coconut oil as its main ingredients. This juice is believed to give sparkling skin for them who drink it.

Noni is fruit that commonly be found in Pacific continent area, including Indonesia. This fruit has high antioxidant content, more than 170 vitamin and mineral. That’s why no wonder if we could see this former Victoria’s Secret model looks so beautiful.

Miranda Kerr's beauty secret
Miranda Kerr

“I have been drinking the juice since I was 14 until now. I cannot live without the juice,” she said, as quoted from DailyMail.

Now, she changes the way she uses the benefits of noni fruit. The Orlando Bloom’s wife uses it as a beauty cream. Even, she has beauty product made from noni, which is named as Kora.

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