Noni Juice as Remedy for Diabetes

mengkudu, or noni, a remedy for diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that is characterized by an increase in blood sugar level. This increase is caused by lack of insulin production or lack of tissue sensitivity toward insulin. The result is glucose in foods cannot be absorbed and used by body. This situation makes blood sugar level will continue to increase and can cause various complications in body that eventually cause death. Generally, there are two types of diabetes:

-Diabetes Mellitus type 1:

It is characterized by pancreatic beta cell damaged. This cell is responsible to produce pancreatic insulin, so there is a lack of insulin production in body. People with this condition need insulin more.

-Diabetes Mellitus type 2:

This diabetes is caused by abnormalities of insulin secretion of pancreatic beta cell, insulin work disorder or insulin resistance or both. Insulin resistance means insulin disability to give normal biological effects in blood sugar level.

Both types of diabetes have similar symptoms. The most general symptoms are lacks of energy, easily hungry, frequent urination (especially in the night), excessive thirst, blur vision, nausea, abdominal pain, tingling often.

In type 1, people usually suffer weight loss. While in type 2, people suffer weight gain. Diabetes can be controlled if pancreatic beta cells are recovered gradually and insulin resistance is reduced. Genetic factor, lifestyle factor and diet can affect diabetes.

Noni is effective to treat diabetes

A team from Directorate of Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology, Deputy for Agroindustrial and Biotechnology, Agency for The Assessment and Application of Technology, Indonesia had done pre clinical test to Noni juice by using animals. This was done as scientific clarification about the claims of Noni health benefits.

mengkudu, or noni, a remedy for diabetes

They chose to test some claims especially on diseases that were being increased that time. Three benefits that were tested: anti hypertension, anti-diabetes and lower blood cholesterol.

The pre-clinical test about anti-diabetes benefit of Noni juice was done to male and female mice that were given alloxan substance to cause diabetes.

This research was done for three weeks with single dosage of Noni juice as much as 0.22 ml/20 gram weight or equal with two tablespoons.

Apparently, blood sugar levels in both male and female mice were reduced after they consumed Noni juice. And, the reduction was bigger on group of mice who drank Noni juice longer (two weeks compared with one week).

This study about blood sugar level supported empirical information that Noni had a benefit to lower blood sugar level. It was suspected that proxeronine content in Noni was capable recovering pancreatic beta cells.

In the mice bodies, proxeronine was changed into xeronine. It had capability to convert peptides or amino acids into protein. Even in broken pancreas, protein is divided. That’s why xeronine can regenerate broken pancreatic cells.

“With the discovery of Proxeronine, human life expectancy is increased. Various diseases that are caused by the damage or dead of particular organ cells could be revitalization and regenerated,” Dr.Marullah, a naturopathy nerve specialist said.

Proxeronine substance that is produced by Noni can revitalization and regenerated damaged pancreatic cells, so it will produce enough insulin. In the end, the insulin will normalize blood sugar level.

If you want to try Noni juice as an alternative to treat diabetes, you can find various products of Noni juices in the market easily. However, some products are sold expensively and have been mixed with other juice, so they are not pure Noni juice. There are some products that add sugar in their recipes, while it should be avoided by people with diabetes.

You should try to find products that are made from 100 percent of Noni juice without additional sugar or juice. These products will give you maximum benefits and safe for people with diabetes.

There is one warning for people with diabetes type 1. Don’t replace insulin injection with Noni juice. The juice could prohibit insulin injection absorption. You should consult with a doctor before you can take Noni juice as remedy for diabetes.

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