Noni Homemade Mask to Cure Acne

There were many researches about Noni fruit health benefits. Those researches suggested that this fruit was useful to cure various diseases such as tumor, cancer, heart disease, inflammation and allergy. There is an empirical data that suggests Noni is also useful to cure acne. Many people who tried to use this fruit reported that their stubborn acne had gone after they used it as facial mask for several weeks.

Maybe it is because Noni has active properties that work against allergy, inflammation, and anti bacteria. All those active properties could be helpful to cure acne. We can use Noni as homemade facial mask to cure acne. We can make this mask easily.

How to make Noni facial mask:


Prepare one Noni fruit that is soft and has green whitish green color


-Wash Noni fruit until it clean (without peeling its skin)

-Crush the Noni fruit, you can use blender to do this.

-Before you use the pulp as a facial mask, wash your face with cold water

-Apply the Noni mask evenly on your face

-Wait for 10 minutes

-Wash your face with lukewarm water.

For maximum benefits, do this regularly for two weeks. You can use this Noni paste on other areas of your body that suffer acne. It is better to do this in the night before you go to bed.

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