Natural Treatment vs Conventional Medicine

There are several questions related to natural treatment like Indonesian traditional medicines including jamu. For example: what are the difference between this natural treatment and conventional medicine? How long will jamu take to have an effect? Does this home remedy have scientific proofs? Is it safe to use along with conventional medicine?  Can we use it for our children?

In this article, we are going to discuss several things that make herbal medicine different from conventional medicine, so you can make considerations which one is more suitable for you.

Comparison between Traditional Medicine and Conventional Medicine


Traditional Medicine

Conventional Medicine

1. The price is affordable The price is relatively expensive
2. Small side-effects, sometimes it doesn’t have any side-effects as long as we use it correctly Side-effects happen more often.
3. Its reaction slows. Its reaction fasts
4. Holistic. Improve whole body system Improve certain systems in body
5. Effective for certain chronic diseases. Relatively less effective for certain chronic diseases.
6. Side therapy: Avoid certain foods Side therapy: avoid certain foods and undergo certain treatment on body such as surgery and stress management.

If you ask, which is better: traditional medicine or conventional medicine? The answer depends on your situation and condition.  Since natural treatment requires longer times to take an effect, then for certain emergency cases such as bleeding; conventional medicine is better. It has faster ability to reduce the symptoms and reduce pain.

This also works for treatments on certain patients with acute diseases such as last stage of cancer. Since it is emergency, conventional medicine procedure such as surgery is more effective since it is relatively faster.

In that condition, if the patient wants, he can get traditional medicine. But it cannot be given as sole treatment and will be combined with other treatment. In this case, herbal medicine has function as a supplement to add medication effectiveness as well as to reduce side-effects that are caused by conventional medicines.

However, for patients with conditions that are relatively safe, they can get home remedy as sole treatment if they want to. They also can combine it with conventional medicines as long as they consult it with their doctor.

Why are their reactions different? The answer relies on the mechanism of both medicines. Conventional medicine usually works on removing symptoms or causes and reduces pain.

According to Dr. Amarullah H Siregar, chemical medicines have purpose mostly to cure symptoms and not the source. Thus, they only improve certain body systems.

While traditional medicine works directly on the source by improving whole body system by fixing damaged cells, tissues and body organs as well as improving body immune system and enables it to fight with diseases.

meniran, jamu contains antibiotic

For instance, Meniran (Phyllanthus urinaria) has an antibiotic effect. It doesn’t directly kill bacteria, but it activates a gland in body that produces T-cell. This cell is natural bacteria killer.

Since, Meniran doesn’t work directly; it takes longer for it to take an effect than chemical medicine. Besides that, herbal medicine can be digested by our body since it is made from natural ingredients.




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