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Who can deny Miranda Kerr’s beauty? The former model of Victoria’s Secret always looks beautiful and sexy in every opportunity. And, what is the secret? Well, believe it or not, the secret is just simply smile.

“My mom always says smiles as much as you could. Smile is the easiest trick to stay beautiful and to change your attitude,” she said during an interview with French magazine, Elle.

Besides smiling, the Australian model also shared the beauty treatment that she did at home. She said she didn’t use expensive hair and facial treatment. To treat her hair, Miranda mixes olive oil and lemon juice, once a week.

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“It’s also one of my mother recipes. And until now, I don’t find other recipes that can beautify my hair and makes me look beautiful at catwalk stage,” the mother of one child said.

Besides facial treatment, the wife of Orlando Bloom also said that she had dry skin. To avoid it, she always uses hydrating spray and rose oil, especially when she does flight trip.

According to Miranda, rose oil not only makes skin look bright, but it also gives oxygen that is needed by skin. “I never travel to anywhere without these two products,” she said.


Miranda wrote a book in 2012, discussed many things including her beauty secrets. Purchase the book on Amazon to read about her personal life more.

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