Natural Treatment for Psoriasis


Psoriasis erythroderma is not easy to be cured. This skin condition requires long treatment and can recur. When it recurs, skin will be scabbed, rupture and very itch especially if you are sweating.

According to R. Broto Sudibyo, a chairman of SP3T Bethesda Hospital, Jogjakarta people with psoriasis should avoid to eat certain foods such as dried fish both freshwater fish and saltwater fish, fatty foods and spicy food.

To prevent psoriasis to be recurring, we can try to use natural treatment both for internal usage (concoction) and external usage (ointment).

Home remedy for psoriasis:

External (Ointment)


5 Brotowali leaves (Tinospora cordifolia).

3 fingers of Brotowali rods (Tinospora cordifolia)

17 leaves of Mimba (Azadirachta indica A. Juss)

1 finger of turmeric

½ teaspoon of refine sulfur

½ glass of coconut oil


Peel the turmeric, wash and grate it. Chop brotowali’s leaves and rod as well as mimba leaves. Pour coconut oil on frying pan with small fire. Put all ingredients (except sulfur) on frying pan, mix and wait till 5 minutes. After that, strain the concoction and mix the juice with sulfur.

Use it after you bath on skin area that suffers psoriasis, twice a day.



Brotowali, natural treatment for psoriaris


15 leaves of sambiloto (Andrographis Paniculata)

2 fingers of Pule (Alstonia scholaris) bark

1 finger of temulawak (Curcuma zanthorrhiza)


Wash all ingredients. Peel and chop Curcuma zanthorrhiza. Boil all ingredients with 5 glasses of water and wait until only 3 glasses of water left. Strain the water.

Drink the concoction three times a day, each half a glass. Do this regularly for 3 weeks. If you see some improvement, continue to drink it.

Source: Trubus Magazine


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