Natural Ingredients to Make Skin Soft and Healthy


Apparently, we don’t have to  go to a beauty salon or beauty treatment to get a soft and healthy skin. We can do our own treatment using natural ingredients that we can find in our kitchens. According to a beauty doctor from Skin Care and Body Treatment, Ariesta Clinic, dr. Theresia Tedjasukmana, to make your skins supple and healthy, you can use honey facial mask regularly.

“Every kind of honey is OK. But, it is suggested to choose honey that is not too liquid. Honey with blackish color is better,” Theresia said as quoted from

For anti –aging treatment, Theresia said, honey that is used as facial mask can be mixed with egg whites. If you have sensitive skin or acne, you can mix honey with lemon.

“Use this mask twice a week. To clean honey from face, it is suggested to use cold water. This is because warm water will open skin pores,” she added.

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