Meghan Markle Reveals Her Natural Beauty Secret

Meghan Markle looks gorgeous whenever she appears on TV. It seems Prince Harry’s wife always has interesting style combination. Meghan started her career in entertainment industry long times ago. She was better known for her role as Rachel Zane on TV series Suits. Maybe because she was an actress, Meghan tried to maintain her beauty and health.

So, what are her secrets? To maintain her health, the Duchess of Sussex practices yoga. She claimed that she had some favorite products to maintain her beauty. “One thing that I never miss whenever I’m travelling is one tiny box contains tea tree oil. It’s not the most luxurious thing. But, when there is mosquito bite or small wound, this is my relief medication,” Meghan said as quoted from

She noted that her beauty products were cheap with small and practical packaging. It’s practical for her so she can bring them all the time. Meghan chooses tea tree oil from a brand that has complete skin care package from face cleanser, toner, to mattifying lotion. The tea tree oil she uses is quite cheap, around $7.

Besides tea tree oil, Meghan also uses serum. According to her, serum that she uses contain glycolic. It makes facial skin glowing. Meghan also likes to use enzyme powder. This product is some sort of foam that is used to exfoliate dead skin cells.

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