Medicinal Plants to Treat Stomach Ulcer


There are some medicinal plants that can be used to treat stomach ulcers, among others are ginger and turmeric.
Acording to Abdul Mun’im, Msi, PhD from Herbal graduate program of Pharmacy Departmen FMIPA, University of Indonesia (UI), the common herbal to cure stomach ulcer is turmeric. It is not only common to be used as cure in Indonesia, but in various countries.
While ginger can treat bloating and nausea, two common symptoms of peptic ulcer, “Turmeric itself can be used to heal the wounds. Peptic ulcer mostly is caused by inflammation that eventually forms wounds in gastric even swelling. This turmeric is useful to heal those wounds,” Mun’im said as quoted from detikHealth.
Besides that, turmeric can help reduce gastric acid production and reduces the symptoms. This is because active substances in turmeric can reduce pain.

“However, there is a herbal medicine that has been approved scientifically since it has passed clinical test, which is mimba plant (Azadirachta indica A. Juss). We can use its stalk. Mimba stalk has been passed clinical test, which was done in India, even though the patent right belongs to the USA,” Mun’im explained.


Mimba stalk, he added, is useful to treat stomach ulcer because it inhibits gastric acid production. However, in Indonesia, this stalk is rarely used to treat stomach ulcer. This is because many Indonesian are afraid of this plant. “The fruits are poisonous, that’s why many Indonesians are afraid to use it. While we use its stalk, so we won’t be poisoned. This plant is mostly found in dry areas, that’s why it is used to fertilize dry areas,” he added.
“How far a herbal medicine can treat stomach ulcer, maybe it can treat in moderate level. For severe peptic ulcer, this herbal is not strong enough,” he explained.

Director of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) unit of Kanker Dharmais Hospital, dr Aldrin Neilwan, M.D., MARS, M. Biomed, M. Kes, SpAK said that medicinal plants that can be trusted to cure stomach ulcers are many. These plants have active substances, so they are different with conventional medicines. It could be that one disease be healed by using many plants or one plant could heal many diseases. But, it still requires verification. “The verification that some medicinal plants could heal stomach ulcer in Indonesia mostly based on opinions of the society, society’s traditional knowledge or their observations. However, what we need is verification through research method. This research method can prove how far a plant can be used as medicine, both objectively and subjectively,” dr Aldrin explained.

The parameter of medicinal plant verification process, he added, could be seen quantitatively or qualitatively. If a medicinal plant is trusted to be able to cure stomach ulcer that is caused by Helicobacter pylori bacteria, then we can see the benefits based on quantitative parameter. However if the medicinal plant is useful to treat pian and to reduce disturbances in the patients’ daily activities, then the parameter is quantitative.“For all these times, the benefits are based on qualitative parameter. People suffer stomach ulcer, and they consume some medicinal plants, then their pains are reduced. Or the disease used to disturb their daily activities, but after they consume some medicinal plants they can do their normal activities. Or the herbal medicines can reduce the frequency of stomach ulcer attacks,” dr Aldrin explained.

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