Medicinal Plants Free From Side-Effects?


More people turn to herbal medicines since they want to back to nature. Herbal medicine is considered more effective to treat various diseases. Some people also believe that the natural medicines has minimum side-effects. But, is it true?

Apparently, some herbal medicines can cause serious side-effects. These side-effects occur when people take wrong dosages or take wrong herbal medicines to treat their diseases. Use the medicines in wrong ways can also cause side-effects.

Here are some examples how to take wrong dosages of herbal medicines can cause side-effects:


-Gambir (gambier, Uncaria gambir) is useful to treat diarrhea. But, if we use more than one finger of gambier, we can have difficulty in defecating for days.

Cucumber is useful to low blood pressures. But, if we consume two cucumbers in large sizes at once, our blood pressures can drop drastically.

Jarak oil (castor oil) is useful to treat abdominal pains. But, excessive usage of this oil can cause inflammation or irritation of alimentary tract.

Celery is useful to low blood pressures. But, drink more than one glass of celery juice a day can low blood pressures drastically.

We should be careful when we use medicinal plants as herbal medicines. There are certain steps that we should do to prevent the side-effects: observe the plants’ characteristics carefully, know the name of the plant and how to use it.

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