Martha Tilaar Shares “The Power of Jamu”

martha tilaar

National cosmetic and jamu entrepreneur, Martha Tilaar shared her personal experiences of jamu usages. According to her, jamu beverages and recipes have changed the life qualities of her and her family. “I could give birth because drinking traditional jamu,” Martha Tilaar said during Internatioanl Symposium Traditional Complimentary and Alternative Medicine event at Hotel Shangri-La, Surabaya, Indonesia, Saturday (12/4).

Martha Tilaar told that when she was 40, she didn’t have any children yet. Not broken hearted, she and her husband tried to have treatments in three countries: Netherlands, Turkey and United States of America. However, obstetricians in those countries concluded that she was infertile. Obstetricians in Indonesia also concluded the same thing.

martha tilaar
Martha Tilaar (

But, as her grandmother, who is also a traditional jamu expert, suggested Martha Tilaar to undergo herbal therapy combined with jamu for three years. And, it did work, the traditional jamu recipes reversed the empirical medical facts. “Patiently, I was massaged using Javanese recipes that were made by my grandmother. She said, it was the power of jamu,” Martha said as quoted by Thanks to her patience and perseverance, Martha experienced the power of jamu and had her first child at her 45. The age that is considered risky for women to pregnant. “All of my children graduated from colleges with good achievements. I am 77 years old now, there is no problem. My grandma passed away when she was 107 years old,” she added.

And it is because she ever experienced the positive effect of jamu directly, Martha Tilaar encouraged jamu and other traditional medicines to be included in health services in society.

She saw that society tends to choose herbal medicine than conventional medicines. The reason is the herbal medicines are not mixed with chemical substances that are dangerous for body. “Consumers now are smart. If they are asked to choose between chemical or natural, they must choose natural medicine,” she said.



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