Mangosteen, Rosie Huntington and Miranda Kerr New Beauty Secret

Rosie Huntington

Beautiful and attractive appearances are not something that we can get instantly. Even beautiful models like Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington do various things to maintain their beauties and fitness from doing workout to consume healthy foods.

For healthy foods, the Victoria’s Secret models consume mangosteen, black rice and kohlrabi.

Mangosteen is fruit that commonly found in tropical countries in South East Asia. This fruit has high antioxidant, especially xanthones that can prevent aging.

In several countries, this fruit is used to treat diarrhea, infection, TBC (tuberculosis) and other diseases. Mangosteen is also a low calories fruit and has high fiber. You can consume it as juice, topping for yogurt or eat it directly.

“Mangosteen is a source of vitamin C and a good antioxidant to improve energy, vitamin B likes thiamin, niacin and folate to improve metabolism, carbohydrate, protein and fat,” Shona Wilkison, head of nutritionists in said.

While kohlrabi is good because it has high antioxidant. Kohlrabi is a type of radish that is popular in Europe. This vegetable can be consumed in raw, we can chop it and consume it as a snack or as a salad.

Rosie Huntington
Rosie Huntington

Not only that, kohlrabi can be used to thicken soup or stew. You can boil it and consume it with mashed potatoes or baked potatoes as carbohydrate alternative.

“This fruit is a source of vitamin C that can help improve body immune system, a good source of fiber that help digestion and has high calories,” Shona said.

While black rice, contains a lot of fiber and gluten-free that is good for heart health. Black rice also contains antioxidant, especially anthocyanin that is considered helpful to prevent plagues buildup in artery and help cardiovascular system.

And black rice is claimed to have more anthocyanin antioxidant, iron and vitamin E than blueberry.

Source: Daily Mail

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