Mangosteen, a Natural Antioxidant from Indonesia

benefits of mangosteen

If durian is often to be called “King of Fruits,” then mangosteen is called “Queen of Fruits”. The weird thing is this fruit is less famous than mango, durian or other tropical fruits.

There must be a reason why this fruit is called Queen of Fruits. This fruit, which grows in subtropical climate, riches of xanthone; the super antioxindant type in the world. More than that, mangosteen contains more than 40 types of xanthone. Xanthone contents are mostly found in its hard skin. Just as you know, antioxidant works to protect body cells from damages that are caused by free radical.

Besides contains antioxidant, which is believed to slow down aging process, mangosteen also has other nutrition contents such as fiber, potassium, calcium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, iron, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. With all those nutrition contents, consuming mangosteen juice regularly can help you combat various diseases such as fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, joint pain/ inflammation, cholesterol, diarrhea and other digestive problems without side-effects.

benefits of mangosteen

No one can be sure from which this fruit was coming from. But, some people believe that this fruit originally comes from Sunda islands, archipelago in west of Indonesia. Besides Indonesia, it can be found in Thailand, Malaysia and southern India. The plant cannot tolerate colder climates, so it is hard to grow in Europe and America. Europe and America mostly import this fruit.

Even in tropical islands, this fruit is hard to cultivate. The soil must be wet, but not too wet, and should be no sands or mud. Most plants grow up in rainforest, which provides perfect condition. The plants look similar with wild plant in rainforest of South East Asia. More than that, it requires ten years for each plant to bear fruits.

Choosing mangosteen

The high fiber in mangosteen cause us to feel satiety longer. That’s why some health experts recommended this fruit to be eaten post exercises. When you need to recover energy and hydrate your body, mangosteen also could be the right answer. Energy from mangosteen can last longer than any energy from artificial sources.

And because its high fiber, mangosteen can be digested easily. This fruit also has fat burning power that will work for 24 hours. The combination of these two benefits will help you to loss weight. Of course, it cannot be gained only by eating mangosteen, you need to exercise to gain the loss weight effect.

How to consume this sweet and sour fruit?

You can do that by eating it fresh, which is free of artificial sweeteners and preservative. To gain the maximum benefit, choose ripe mangosteen. The sweet, juicy and ripe mangosteen will have flexible and soft skin. While mangosteen with hard skin means that it is still raw.

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