Majakani (Oak Galls) to Tighten Vagina

Majakani or manjakani is a fruit that grows in Indonesia. Majakani has been known for a long time in Indonesia as a plant that is useful to maintain the health of female sexual organs. It is usually used to treat whitish or to keep vagina’s elasticity. In various research, Majakani fruit is useful to maintain vagina health because it contains tannin, tannic acid, antioxidant, vitamin (especially vitamin A and C), calcium, iron, fiber, protein and carbohydrate.

Manjakani plant grows in Indonesia. However, Manjakani is less popular than other medicinal plant such as betel. In various countries like China, India, Arab, Iran, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Manjakani fruit has been used as an ingredient of herbal medicines to treat various diseases related with vagina.

Majakani plant is also well-known as “Oak Galls”. Other name for this plant is Mecca Majakani. What are the benefits of Majakani?

1. Treat female sexual organs

Traditionally, majakani fruit is served by crushing it with traditional pestle. Then, the powder will be refined and mixed with water and turns into a thick paste. This paste will be applied on vagina. Other way it to make beverage from majakani and drink it to improve elasticity of vagina.

Majakani can clean bacteria and fungus in vagina. It also reduces excessive liquid in vagina. Manjakani contains tannin that is useful to tighten vagina muscles, vitamin A, and C, calcium, protein as well as astringent can eradicate bacteria that causes whitish.

2. As contraception

Majakani is quite popular for Aceh women who have been married. Even though it is mostly used to heal wounds, but it can be used to postpone pregnancy. So in Aceh, majakani fruit is used as contraception.


3. Clean fungus and bacteria

Majakani is useful to clean fungus and bacteria in vagina. It also reduces excessive liquid in miss V and to kill bacteria that causes whitish. Other benefit is to tighten and clean miss V. It will improve miss V’s elasticity.

4. Improve sexual pleasure

Since it can improve elasticity and tighten vagina, then it will also improve women’s sexual pleasure. “Manjakani extract is only used to tighten vagina, treat whitish and reduces excessive liquid, but it also lubricate dry vagina,” Prof. Dr. Hembing Wijayakusuma said.

According to Hembing, people usually refine manjakani and apply the paste on vagina. While some other people make beverage from majakani and drink it. However, Hembing said that manjakani cannot just be used directly. We need certain formula, it needs to be mixed with other herbal, so it will be more effective.

5. Heal cyst

Majakani fruit that is combined with various medicinal plants can heal cyst. One example of this formula is what people know as jamu majakani Aceh, which is made from majakani fruit, betel, eucalyptus, rumput fatimah, young betel nut, white turmeric and other spices.

Source: Wikipedia.

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  1. This article has helped popularize the efficacy of manjakani. Currently manjakani has been very popular among Indonesian women. Its efficacy has been fully recognized to treat whitish.
    Thank you

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