Lulur: Indonesian Traditional Body Scrub for Your Skin

homemade body scrub

Apparently, there are various traditional body scrubs in Indonesia. This body scrub is called lulur. This treatment is useful to remove dead skin cells; and stimulate skin to reproduce new, clean cells. However, each skin type requires different lulur (body scrub). Louise Jumarani, a writer of The Essence of Indonesian Spa: Spa Indonesia Gaya Jawa dan Bali, shared her knowledge about body scrub for each type of skin.

Lulur Kuning Jawa (Javanese Yellow Body Scrub)

It contains pandan wangi (Pandanus amaryllifolius) as its main ingredient. Other ingredients are rice powder, turmeric and temu giring (Curcuma heyneana). Lulur Kuning has a function to cool down skin, and makes our skin bright, clean and smooth.

We can make this body scrub by mixing 100 gram of Lulur Kuning Jawa powder with 75 ml of rose water. Apply sandalwood oil on area that you want to clean, then apply the body scrub. Use rotating move when you apply the scrub and squeeze your skin so the dead skin cells would be dropped with the scrub.

Lulur Bengkoang (Jicama Scrub)

Jicama scrub is made from bengkoang ((Pachyrhizus erosus) extract. The white fruit contains mineral that is useful as cleaning substance for dull skin as well as natural skin brighten. Using this scrub regularly will make our skin look clean, bright and fresh. Reportedly, this scrub has been used by princesses in Javanese palaces. This scrub also can remove dead skin cells, reduces body odor, gives nutrition to our skin, improves O2 circulation and blood flow, brightens skin and maintains skin humidity as well as prevents wrinkles.

Lulur Boreh Bali (Balinese Boreh Body Scrub)

This scrub is useful to remove toxins in our body or detoxification, to warm body and makes muscles relax. The treatment is started by massaging body, so our blood stream and lymph drainage will be improved. Lymph drainage is body dry sewer.

After massage session, the therapist will apply boreh scrub, which is made from boreh powder and rose water. Boreh is made from natural spices such as turmeric, clove, galangal, ginger and cinnamon. Its function is to improve circulatory, smoothing skin, warm body, help body remove toxic, and maintains the balance of body temperature. If we have flu, fatigue and sores, this body scrub treatment is very suitable.

lulur, indonesian traditional body scrub.
Balinese Boreh spa treatment (

Lulur Murut Bali (Balinese “Murut” Body Scrub)

This scrub contains coconut oil, hazelnut, ginger and turmeric. These ingredients will remove dirt, clean body from bacteria and contain natural stimulant to warm body. Thus, the scrub will accelerate dirt removal and maintains skin humidity naturally. To create the scrub, mix 100 gram of murut powder with water rose.

Apply it on skin until the dirt fall with dead skin cells.

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