Lotong Powder to Brighten Your Skin

lulur, indonesian traditional body scrub.

It is no longer a secret that Indonesian women have their own unique beauty. Each tribe in Indonesia has its own beauty secret that is passed down from generation to generation. And, this beauty secret finally comes in the form of modern cosmetic products in Indonesia. One of those beauty secrets is what Bugis tribe has, which is called Lotong Powder.

It usually uses for brides as a special treatment before they are getting married. The ingredients are actually many, but some ingredients are hard to find, so Bugis people simplify the ingredients. This powder is empirically proven to brighten women skins naturally.


-Two glasses of white rice

-Ginseng roots

-Pandan leaves (Pandanus amaryllifolius)

-One lemon


Roast rice until they are scorched then while you are roasting them, add ginseng roots, pandan leaves and mix them until you can smell fragrant aroma.

Then, mash them until smooth and add lemon juice. Wait until the paste cold, you can apply it on your face. Do that regularly, and for maximum result you should use it before the shower.

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