List of Celebrities with Luxurious Beauty Treatments

angelina jolie

Apparently each celebrity has her own special beauty treatment. Some celebrities spend hundred to thousand dollars for their beauty treatment, while some others are well known for their weird treatments.

Here are some celebrities with their treatments as quoted from Vemale:

Mila Kunis

beauty treatment of mila kunis
Mila Kunis

As a famous celebrity with high income, Mila Kunis really spoils herself with what she earns. Before she appears on various shows, the woman who is well known for her role as Jackie Burkhart in That 70s Show always spoils herself by using small gemstone as antioxidant for her skin.

The treatment is in Scott-Vincent Borba and it costs $ 7,000. Not only that, she also likes to sip ice cube to preserve her beauty. She believes that ice cube can reduce swelling on certain parts of her body.

Serena Williams

This top tennis player prefers to drink water before she tourneys. But, Serena also was the first guess in Victor Miami hotel who got Evian Experience treatment as much as $ 5,000. This treatment is for guests that stay at penthouse suite that is as expensive as $ 6,000 each night. This treatment has various luxurious facilities such as bathing with a thousand liter Evian water, and colorful Gerbera daisies.

Angelina Jolie

Beauty obviously becomes an important thing for Angelina Jolie. So, the mother of six kids is willing to spend $710 for 100 ml La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Luxe Cream.

This cream contains a very rare Baerii sturgeon egg that is believed useful to maintain skin humidity and tightness.

Gwyneth Paltrow

This beautiful actress has done various treatments for her beauty. But one of her treatment was quite weird. She ever bought a product from Sylvia Dakar UltraLuxe-9, which one of components was snake venom. Paltrow bought it for $ 185 per ounces.

This product contains synthetic venom that has a benefit to paralyze aging effect on skin. Its reaction is similar with Botox. Although many people were surprised with what she did, she didn’t care and kept using the treatment.

Teri Hatcher

A glass of red wine alongside our bathtub? Of course it’s something special. But what if we pour red wine to our bathtub? That what Teri Hatcher did. The cast of Desperate Housewives believed in the benefit of red wine for her skin, so she used it to bath.

She believed that red wine seeds could be antioxidant for her smooth skin. But, one glass of red wine was not enough for her. Luckily, Les Sources de Caudalie in France offered various vino therapy procedures, including two days treatment with various luxurious facilities, like wine bath.

Eva Longoria

Hatcher might believe in red wine for her beauty treatment, but to maintain her baby-like skin, another cast of Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria chose to use EMK placenta cream. This cream is made from plants that contain vitamin, amino acid and other protein has restorative function for skin. For 30 ml of EMK placenta skin, the actress who was born in 1975 should spend $ 90.

Jessica Simpson

In one of her VH1 2010 show, The Price of Beauty, Jessica Simpson did feet treatment in Japan. This place has a pool where her feet were soaked in water full of Garra Rufa (doctor fish) as big as piranha fish. These fish bit her feet to remove dead skin cells. Right now, there are various places in various countries offer the same treatment, for instance Yvonne in Alexandria, Virginia offers 30 minutes fish therapy for $ 50. Actually this treatment is prohibited since it is not safe for our health. But, some people still believe that it has healthy effect for them.

Victoria Beckham

From various weird beauty treatments that were ever done by celebrities in the world, it seemed nothing could be compared with Geisha Facial treatment that Victoria Beckham did. New York’s Shizuka Day Spa introduced bird droppings as one of powerful facial treatment ingredients. The singer was willing to pay $ 180 for one hour treatment. She believed that bird droppings can smoothing and brighten skin as well as tighten it. David Beckham was reportedly taking this treatment as well.


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