Leafage That Can Help Us Lose Weight

Java Island was consisted from several kingdoms long before Indonesia was established. Princesses of Javanese kingdoms had various beauty treatments as well health treatments. One of them were the usage of leafage to lose weights. The recipes had been passed down through generations. So, what are the leafage Javanese princesses used to help them maintain their weights?

1. Jati Belanda Leaves ( Guazuma ulmifolia)

Jamu galian singset uses these leaves as its ingredients. According to the experts, Guazuma ulmifolia contains alkaloids, resin and tanned substances. Jati Belanda leaves are used to reduce fat and streamline the body.


Take two leaves of Jati Belanda. Wash them clean and cut thinly. Boil them with three glasses of water. Wait until it cool down and drink the concoction 2-3 times a day. You can add sugar if you like to improve the taste.

2. Salam leaves (Indonesian bay-leaf or Indonesian laurel)

Indonesian bay-leaf or Indonesian Laurel (Syzygium polyanthum) is used as spice in food. It contains flavonoid and tannin that can be used to heal various diseases such as high cholesterol, uric acid, diabetes, hypertension, stomach ulcers and diarrhea. It can also help us lose weights.


Choose 5 or 7 leaves of Salam. Wash them clean and boil with enough water. Refine the water and drink the concoction before the lunch and dinner.

3. Kemuning leaves (Murraya paniculata)

Kemuning leaf can burn fats in body. Besides that, Kemuning leaf is useful to ease menstrual pain.


Take a handful of kemuning leaves, add a handful of noni leaves and a half of little finger of temugiring (Curcuma heyneano). Crush these ingredients until they become paste. Add a cup of water and squeeze the juice. Refine them and drink the concoction before the breakfast.

4. Green tea

Green tea contains high antioxidant that can help burning fat in body.


Brew green tea with hot water, wait until it cool down and drink it. It is better to drink it before eating, Kompas.com wrote. It will prevent fat absorption. Or you can drink green tea before workout, so the fat burning can be enhanced.

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